Groundhog Day

Factual error: The sun is up when the alarm clock goes off at 6AM. On that latitude, in early February, it'd be dark outside.

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Suggested correction: On that latitude on the 2nd of February it will be what they call "Nautical twilight" at 6AM. That isn't dark, but quite light already. As you can see in the movie, it's correct. The movie was shot in Illinois, which is about the same latitude.


For Punxsutawney on February 2nd, "Nautical Twilight" is from 6:23am to 6:56am, and "Astronomical Twilight" is from 5:51am to 6:23am (sunrise is 7:25am), so at 6am there would be just a hint of slight brightening in the sky, and no usable light hitting the ground. Nothing like what Phil sees outside his window. That said, the amount of light shown is a necessary artistic change for the plot of the movie so while technically incorrect, I don't really consider a "mistake."


Factual error: Phil departs from the office right after the 5pm news. Punxsutawney over 90 minutes' drive from Pittsburgh. The sunset in Punxsutawney in early February is about 5.30pm, so by the time they get there it should be completely dark. But it's bright daylight, without even a hint of twilight. (00:05:45)

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