Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day (1993)

Ending / spoiler

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Exhausted after endlessly spending the same day over and over in debauchery, seduction, and eventual ineffective suicide attempts, Phil changes. Every day he befriends a elderly dying homeless man, catches a boy falling from a tree, performs a lifesaving Heimlich Maneuver, encourages a soon-to-be-married couple having cold feet, etc. During his busy day he learns to play the piano and ice sculpt, and falls in love with Rita. One day, Rita, dazzled by the change in Phil,'buys' him for the evening in the fund-raising batchelor auction. That evening she sees the change in Phil and learns of his love for her; they eventually fall asleep in Phil's bed without "doing anything". He has finally lived the day perfectly; he wakes up on the day AFTER Groundhog Day with Rita in his arms.

Guy Holladay

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