Mac and Me

Trivia: The film ends with a freeze-frame and the words "We'll be back!" superimposed. But after the film failed at the box-office, the planned sequel was shelved. Well, somewhat. There has been some talk about a follow up by RJ Louis.

Trivia: Jennifer Aniston has a cameo as an extra in the McDonald's dance scene.

Trivia: "MAC" stands for "Mysterious Alien Creature".

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Continuity mistake: When Mac's on the windshield and the car starts to dodge cars, one shot from inside the car shows the alien has disappeared.

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Janet Cruise: It's ruined. It's totally ruined.
Eric Cruise: It wasn't me, mom! It was a little creature! I saw it.
Janet Cruise: The house is totally destroyed.
Eric Cruise: What do you want me to say?
Janet Cruise: I don't want you to say anything.

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