Ghostkeeper (1982)

Plot summary

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Jenny, her lawyer boyfriend Marty, and Chrissy are part of a group that's on vacation and celebrating New Year's Eve. While checking out the snowy terrain on snowmobiles away from their lodge, they stop by a store and chat with the owner who them that they should really head back to the lodge...NOW...because a storm is coming in. Deciding to explore further, the group ignores his warning and they head up into the mountains. Near the top of a hill, they come across an inn called the Deer Lodge. Chrissy has an accident and although she's uninjured, her snowmobile doesn't start up again. The inn appears deserted and the guest book indicates that no one has stayed there in nearly five years. Marty says they should hang around until the storm that's blanketing the area dies down. The snowstorm grows and the group is forced to spend the night. Jenny enters one of the rooms and is unaware that someone is watching her from inside a closet. That night, however she becomes anxious...sure that they are not alone...But they aren't.


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