Ghostkeeper (1982)

Ending / spoiler

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Chrissy takes a bath and while in the tub, the innkeeper's son Danny sneaks in and shoves her head under the water. Danny drags her into a frozen lair in the basement where he slashes her throat and leaves her with a creature...the Windigo. The next morning, Marty tries to start his snow mobile but it's been disabled. Jenny eventually stumbles across the lair and rips open it's door. Seeing the creature, she screams bringing Danny bursting in to come at her with a chainsaw. She manages to get away, and from a ledge outside the attic, she pushes him be impaled on an iron fence below. Jenny tells Marty about the creature but hesoon starts to lose his mind, possessed by something. He wanders off, his face covered in grease from the snowmobile...and ends up frozen in the snow. The storeowner has made his way up to the inn to check on the group...and is promptly stabbed by the innkeeper. The old woman then makes a startling claim to Jenny. She says she is her mother. But as she attempts to plunge a knife into the girl, Jenny shoots her with a shotgun she has found. Jenny is overcome by the Windigo's mental powers it's voice in her head saying to itself..."It's alright...Jenny will look after you now."


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