Slaughter High

The rotten, popular kids punk high-school geek Marty (Simon Scuddamore, who, as far as anyone knows, never worked in movies before or since), when Carol (Caroline Munro) gets him into a shower in the girls' locker room, and makes him think she's going to do the nasty with him. It's all a set-up, with video cameras and Marty's privates exposed for everyone to see, and Marty's head getting jammed down a toilet (and, in some ways, it's all rather reminiscent of the opening scene of Carrie)...
But the mean kids don't stop there: They give Marty a joint, and in a chemistry-lab mishap involving nitric acid, he catches fire. But, of course, Marty isn't dead — just really badly scarred — and, as far as the mean kids know, he's been committed to a hospital somewhere.


Plot hole: When the bullies take revenge on Marty, they doctor the chemicals he is preparing so that they explode. The bullies were punished some time in the afternoon, judging by the sun in the very first shot. Their detention is at 4:30 in the afternoon. Somehow, they manage to acquire the necessary chemicals for the explosion within a couple of hours, even though they are stuck at school. In addition to this, they have no way of knowing what chemicals Marty is preparing, so even if they were able to get chemicals, they would not know which ones to get to destroy his experiment.

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Marty: Hey, what's going on?
Carol: Ever try it under the shower before?

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Trivia: As the directors wanted a well-known actor to play the one adult character (the coach), they initially approached Peter Lawford for the role, but were not able to get him as he wanted $35,000 and a free shopping trip in Harrods, when the most the directors were willing to offer him was $25,000. In the end, one director (Dick Randall) got his friend Marc Smith to play the part for a mere $750.

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Question: The bullies think there is a real high school reunion going on. Yet having sat outside the boarded up and abandoned school for 3 hours, they do not seem in the least surprised and begin to doubt a reunion is taking place. They are not suspicious even when they have to break a window to get in to the school.Surely they would be suspicious by then and not go in?


Answer: Some people are not the brightest button in the box. If wanting something enough they will overlook the obvious.

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