Slaughter High

Some time later (like, a few years, maybe), he lures the mean kids back to the now-abandoned high school for a fake reunion party... and from there, the picture turns into part haunted-house / part locked-in-a-mental-asylum / ALL-slasher flick, with the testosterone-driven jocks and the hateful bitch-cheerleader types dispatched every few minutes in a variety of ways, including impalement, an acid bath, a poisoning that results in an Alien-flavored stomach-exploding scene, the old reliable electrocute-the-copulating-couple scene, and a combination drop-the-jacked-up-car-on-the-guy-AND-slice-his-wrist-at-the-same-time trick (which has never been repeated since).

Finally, it's a showdown between Carol and Marty, who's been stalking her in a jester's suit (oh, his locker-room humiliation took place on April Fool's Day - which was his birthday too, the poor sap). She pushes Jester Boy through a window just as the clock strikes noon (when April Fool's Day is supposed to end) - but do you think he's really dead this time? Of course not. He chases her with a spear-like thing (a javelin, maybe?), and she ends up back in the girls' locker room, where everything started...Believe it or not, everything you expect does happen: It is Marty under the jester's mask, and he does kill Carol. No last-minute surprises here. Well, except that, after he kills Carol, Marty is confronted by the zombie-like ghosts of his victims, and suddenly, we're into Carnival of Souls / Dawn of the Dead territory...

But wait! There's more! None of this ever happened! It's all one big, horrible hallucination of Marty's - and (with his acid-burned head wrapped in bandages) he wakes up screaming in the hospital. A doctor, hearing his screams, enters his room...But wait! That's not really Marty under the sheets! The nurse leaning over the bed is Marty! And he jams a hypodermic needle into the doctor's face. It's possible this hallucination gave Marty the inspiration to invite them all back to the school, and something very similar to the hallucination did end up happening after Marty leaves the hospital.


Plot hole: In the opening scene, the bullies all go into the girls' toilets with loads of camera equipment, including high tech ones used for proper films and boom mics. This equipment is way too expensive (even more so in the 80s when the film is set) for any high school kid to have.

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Stella: Talk dirty, Frank! Talk dirty.
Frank: Um... tits.
Stella: Dirty dirty.
Frank: Um... fuck. Ah, tits. Screw.

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Trivia: The school scenes of the film were indeed filmed in a real school, not a movie set - they were filmed at St Marylebone Grammar School for boys in London. However, the shots of the school from the outside are actually shots of Holloway Sanatorium, near Virginia Water.

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Question: The bullies think there is a real high school reunion going on. Yet having sat outside the boarded up and abandoned school for 3 hours, they do not seem in the least surprised and begin to doubt a reunion is taking place. They are not suspicious even when they have to break a window to get in to the school.Surely they would be suspicious by then and not go in?


Answer: Some people are not the brightest button in the box. If wanting something enough they will overlook the obvious.

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