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Corrected entry: On a PK (penalty kick) the ball is placed on the PK line and the player chosen to take the shot must wait for the ref to blow the whistle before they shoot. They have one shot. First, there was no whistle, but the main issue was the entire climax of the game; the three touch goal. Sure it was fancy, but completely illegal. Only one touch is allowed on a PK, and if they were real football players, they would have never even tried to make that shot. Also, no goalie would be allowed to taunt a player like that, normal refs would have ended the fight when it began with red cards, and no football team will ever slide tackle that much because it might look cool, but it hurts, you have way more control staying on your feet and it's just asking for a yellow card.


Correction: There is only one touch allowed in the case of a penalty shootout at the end of a game when the scores are tied and time is up. However this was a penalty that was awarded while the game was still in normal and so the ball can be touched as many times as they like provided the second touch isn't by the original penalty taker.


Corrected entry: When Viola (pretending to be Sebastian) is picking up a slip of paper to determine her lab partner, she also picks one up for the boy next to her, not noticing that Duke has already passed him one. The boy then tries to cover the mistake by sliding forward slightly, to pick up the second slip of paper and shifting the first out of sight.

Correction: Not a mistake. This could happen to anyone.


Corrected entry: When Viola arrives in her dorm room she is carrying a soccer ball, which she dumps on her bed with her bags. It remains there while she sits down and talks to the guys, and it's there when she stands up, but when she says 'Shveet' and there is a wide shot of the room, it's disappeared off her bed.

Correction: It is a soccer ball. They are capable of rolling off of a bed with only a small amount of movement.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: During the Cornwall game, after the real Sebastian breaks up with Monique, the Illyria coach says to Sebastian, "Bench." After halftime, Viola/Sebastian asks the coach to give her one more chance. However, the coach is not allowed to put Viola/Sebastian back in because in soccer, once a player has been substituted out, the player cannot return to the game.

Correction: This is not a mistake, I played high school soccer for four years and benching a player and bringing them back into the game is legal. This is only vaild for high school soccer.


Corrected entry: Viola tells her mom that she is going to stay with her dad because Sebastian and Monique will be there. If Sebastian was supposed to be going off to school, he would have been living there and not with their dad and Monique would not be there to help Viola. Her mom should have realized this as she knew her son was going off to that school.

Correction: There probably was some sort of break or vacation, because Viola obviously has school too, but she did say that she's going to her dad's for two weeks. Her mother wouldn't let her go if she'd be missing school.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Olivia kisses Sebastian outside the cab (the real Sebastian), she recites the song lyrics he wrote, like this exactly: "Wake up, I have been waiting for you to open your eyes, to tell you that I think I am ready, ready to free-fall into the unknown". But in the scene when Olivia is on the date with Duke at Cesario's, if you listen to the song playing in the background, those exact lyrics, word for word, are playing in a song.

Correction: It isn't a plot hole. They said in the commentary that "Sebastian's" lyrics are actually that of the song "Let Go" by Dave Lichens. Most likely, they stuck it in the background of a scene to see if anyone would notice it. Seeing as it's on the soundtrack as well, I don't think it's a mistake.


Corrected entry: when Viola and Sebastian switch clothes at half time of the soccer game, she was dressed as Sebastian, which means she had to have her breasts wrapped to make her look flat chested, but when she lifts her jersey to prove that she's a girl, there is no wrapping whatsoever.

Correction: Yes, but remember that Eunice didn't wake her up because she looked "peaceful", so she was late, and probably she figured that since the soccer jerseys are baggy that she could get away with not wrapping them down.


Corrected entry: In the carnival scene, where Sebastian/Viola goes into the porter potty to change, she moves the symbol to red which means "occupied". Yet when she comes out as herself, if you look at the stall directly next to her on the left, you see the symbol is on green, which means "unoccupied". Yet, there was a man standing there waiting to go in when he could have taken the unoccupied stall.

Correction: Just before Viola comes out of her porter potty you see a woman going in the one directly next to so the man would have seen her go in and know it was occupied, regardless of whether she locked the door straight away.


Corrected entry: There's a scene where Olivia goes to kiss the real Sebatian at the the bottom of the stairs just as he's arriving at school for the first time. Even though it benefits the story, it doesn't seem right that Olivia wouldn't notice that the Sebastian she had kissed was taller.

Correction: Olivia was jogging and did not know Sebastian was arriving in a taxi. She saw him hunched over from the back and immediately decided to reveal her love to him. The night was pitch black except for a small street lamp and her eyes were shut for most of the fifteen seconds of hugging, kissing, and conversation and she ran away. It is understandable how she doesn't realize the height difference.


Corrected entry: When the flask overflows in the science lab, the amount of spilled liquid on the counter changes dramatically between shots.

Correction: Actually, it ,makes perfect sense. You see, if you look closely you can see that the overflow was foam. It is a scientific fact that foam turns to liquid fast and quickly begins to evaporate if the atmosphere is humid, (which I imagine it would be humid since there is alot of kids in the room and alot of hot chemicals). So when the camera looked over at Duke, and then back to the overflow, it was in the process of evaporating so that's what occured.


Corrected entry: In the fight scene at the carnival, when the boys first hit the floor you can see that Justin's boxers are black. A few seconds later you see him again and his boxers appear to be white.

Correction: No, those aren't his boxers, the black ones, that is his belt. If you look closely, you can see he has a black belt on and that was what was showing the whole time. His boxers were always white.


Corrected entry: In the first scene directly after Amanda Bynes kicks the ball through the lifeguard circular saving device; when her boyfriend, Justin picks her up, first she yells "Justin put me down" and then she calls him Rob, which is his real name.

Correction: Actually she doesn't say "Rob', she says "Drop".


Corrected entry: In the scene in which Viola has to change back into her boy clothes whilst on a ride at a carnival, she chooses a compartment that is empty. At the end of the ride, there is a girl sitting next to her.

Correction: The girl is on the ride for comedic effect - you aren't supposed to know she's on the ride until Viola is looking for her fake sideburns.


Continuity mistake: When Sebastian (really Viola) is trying to impress the guys at Cesario's, she uses her friends as the plan. When her second friend, Yvonne, comes over and starts to walk towards Sebastian (Viola),right before she hugs him, she is really close, but when she actually hugs him she is further back then before.

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Daphne: So Monique's getting you all excited about being a debutant, huh?
Viola: Thuper duper exthited! Have a good carnival.

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Trivia: During the dream sequence when Viola is in the dress, Amanda Bynes actually tripped while filming. The directors thought it was funny so they kept it in there.

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Question: In the movie, when Viola is becoming a guy, they play "Love Is All Around" by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. But the version on the soundtrack is sung by The Tea Queens. Any particular reason why?

Answer: A. The music supervisor wanted a cover instead of the original. B. It's sometimes cheaper to pay for the rights to a cover than the original song.

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