Hwal (2005)

Plot summary

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A 16-year-old girl lives on a boat owned by a man in his 60s, who has kept her there since she was six years old. He goes back and forth to shore bringing men out to the boat who fish from its sides, sometimes telling their fortunes by shooting arrows into a painting of buddha past the girl, who swings through the path of the arrows on a swing and reads the fortunes from the places where they hit. He also frequently plays the bow as a musical instrument using a stringed arrow to vibrate the string. The old man plans to marry the girl on her 17th birthday, a plan which is derailed by her discovery of a young man who takes it upon himself to liberate her from the old man. They do marry, and the old man dives into the sea before consummating the marriage remotely.

jimmy wilson

Other mistake: During the scene where the young man gives the headphones to the girl, the placement of the headphones changes several times at different points of view. (00:27:10)

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