An American Werewolf in Paris

Corrected entry: When Serafine turns into a werewolf, her knees bend backward and turn into hocks (the equivalent of the human ankle). And her upper leg bones bend forward to become stifles (the equivalent of the human knee. Since wolves and humans have very similar leg structure, there would be no need for her joints to do this. All that would really be needed is a lengthening of her bones from her ankles downward. Instead, she now has an extra set of joints in her leg.

Correction: She is also transforming into a mythical creature and the fact that her bones change at all ignore any factual or physiological truths. Thus her bones can change however they want and there's nothing to suggest her ankles don't change unseen, leaving her with no extra joints. Even with extra joints, there's nothing to suggest werewolves don't have a different physiological structure than humans and wolves.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Andy is in the morgue looking at the girl's body he is accompanied by the police. It would be very unlikely that they would not handcuff him let alone leave him in the morgue by himself so he can escape since he just murdered someone.

Correction: Since there is only one door leading to the morgue and no windows, the cop probably decided that handcuffing Andy wouldn't be neccessary since there wouldn't be any way for him to escape. Andy therefore tricks the cop into thinking he had escaped by hiding in one of the drawers that they use for dead people.

Corrected entry: Andy is in the bedroom after his attack. He falls out the window and suddenly his socks are on.

Correction: After Andy met Sarafines' dead mother he jumps out of the bed and begins to agree that his friends were right about Sarafine. He then grabs his clothes and the first thing he puts on are his socks.

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