Big Momma's House 2
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Continuity mistake: When Malcolm is being the safety eagle at the childrens school convention, as he flails around on fire, he knocks the large space heater over. In subsequent shots it is suddenly standing upright again. (00:03:20)

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Big Momma's House 2 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Leah Fuller is showing Big Momma the children, they go into Andrew's room, and he jumps off of his bed, flat onto the floor. Notice his toys all over the floor and desk. When he gets back up they are all positioned differently. (00:18:10)

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Audio problem: At the end of the film, where Big Momma is performing with Carrie's cheer leading squad, when Andrew breaks loose and climbs up the human pyramid that the girls made, and jumps, falling on Big Momma's stomach. Then Andrew says, "Big Momma" but his mouth doesn't move.

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Big Momma: Boy, you must be stuck on stupid.

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