Big Momma's House 2
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Carrie Fuller: Look! Big Momma even made Poncho happy.

Kevin: Uh, okay, this is, uh, Agent Kinnealy. Please advise, I just made BM in the back of a cab.
Liliana Morales: Uh, you did what in the back of the cab?
Kevin: Big Momma! I just made Big... I saw Big Momma in the back of a cab, and now I'm going to get VD... Visual data. I'm going... Never mind.

Leah Fuller: If you'd checked the schedule you would've seen that Carrie had a violin lesson, and Andrew had tutoring.
Malcolm: Tutoring? He's only 2 years old.

Big Momma: Boy, you must be stuck on stupid.

Stewart: What do you think I'm trying to do, get free HBO? This stuff's hard.

Big Momma: This is a family beach, not Chippendales.

Big Momma: What do we want Mrs. Fuller?
Leah Fuller: Umm... more butt?

Continuity mistake: When Malcolm leaves a message on the phone for Sherri, the mesaage has noticeable differences when Sherri listens to it. Malcolm pauses between the lines " from Phoenix" to "Wait - Carrie!" but on the phone, there's no pause. (00:35:20)

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