Big Momma's House 2

Audio problem: At the end of the film, where Big Momma is performing with Carrie's cheer leading squad, when Andrew breaks loose and climbs up the human pyramid that the girls made, and jumps, falling on Big Momma's stomach. Then Andrew says, "Big Momma" but his mouth doesn't move.

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Continuity mistake: When Malcolm leaves a message on the phone for Sherri, the mesaage has noticeable differences when Sherri listens to it. Malcolm pauses between the lines " from Phoenix" to "Wait - Carrie!" but on the phone, there's no pause.



Continuity mistake: When Big Momma and Leah are teaching the children to dance, in one shot there is a closeup of Molly putting her head down and laughing. But a split second later they go to a long shot and she is now up straight listening to her iPod, with no time to move.

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