Lucky Number Slevin

Josh Hartnett plays a man named Slevin who gets into a big situation when everyone thinks he's someone named Nick Fisher, who owes a lot of money to a gangster named The Rabbi (Ben Kingsley) and a gangster named The Boss (Morgan Freeman).

Dylan Coolidge

Continuity mistake: When Slevin is eating the first sandwich he eats in the movie, it changes from being half eaten to having only one bite taken out of it.

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Slevin: How do you get to two men that can't be gotten to? You get them to come to you.

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Question: Did Slevin actually suffer from Ataraxia? He lied about most things, and I couldn't be certain about that.

Answer: No, like the rest of his "cover" (being mugged, being a friend of Nick's) he made it up. It was simply a way to plausibly explain why he was so calm through everything, when in fact he was calm because it was all part of his plan.

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