Lucky Number Slevin

Question: Why does Slevin tell Lindsey where Goodcat is going to shoot her? I take it that he wants to save Lindsey's life because he loves her, but if Goodcat wants to leave no witnesses, why would he disclose to Slevin where he would shoot her?

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Chosen answer: Goodkat didn't say "hey, Slevin, I'm gonna shoot her here and here. Y'know, FYI." Slevin has been trained by Goodkat. Slevin knows where Goodkat is going to shoot Lindsey because that's where Goodkat always shoots people when he's assassinating them.

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Question: Did Slevin actually suffer from Ataraxia? He lied about most things, and I couldn't be certain about that.

Answer: No, like the rest of his "cover" (being mugged, being a friend of Nick's) he made it up. It was simply a way to plausibly explain why he was so calm through everything, when in fact he was calm because it was all part of his plan.


Question: Why does Slevin make Goodcat break his nose?

Answer: When Slevin first tells Lindsey about his time in New York, he told her he was mugged and got his nose broken. We later find out this isn't true. To make his story seem valid, however, Goodcat breaks his nose.

Question: What was the deal with the watch switch? The only person who could connect that watch to Slevin, as far as we know, is Lindsey, and he has no reason to try and make her think he's dead.

Answer: There were actually a few watch switches, which need to be recalled to understand. In particular, GoodKat took Nick Fisher's watch and gave it to Slevin. When Lindsey asked Slevin why the mugger did not take his watch, Slevin responded that it was fake. Slevin later switched watches with Yitchok (rabbi's son), which means Yitchok was now wearing Nick Fisher's watch. By wearing Nick Fisher's watch, Yitchok could be implicated in his death and the police would believe they had solved the murder case but did not have to "try a dead man." Slevin now had Yitchok's watch which was, undoubtedly, an expensive name-brand such as Rolex. In short, Slevin "upgraded" his watch and Yitchok gets tied to Nick Fisher's murder.


Continuity mistake: When Slevin is in Nick's apartment the second time, eating the sandwich, the way he holds it changes between shots.

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Mr. Goodkat: I'm gonna kill somebody.

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