Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting (1997)


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Sean: Do you have a soul mate?
Will: Define that.
Sean: Somebody who challenges you.
Will: I got... I got plenty.
Sean: Well, name them.
Will: Shakespeare, Nietzsche, Frost, O'Connor, Kant, Pope, Locke.
Sean: Well that's great. They're all dead.
Will: Not to me, they're not.
Sean: You don't have a lot of dialogue with them. You can't give back to them, Will.
Will: Not without some serious smelling salts and a heater.

Morgan: Man, I can't believe you brought Skylar here when we're all fucking bombed and been drinking. What the fuck is she gonna think about us?
Will: Yeah, Morgan, it's a real rarity that we'd be out drinking.

Chuckie: So this is a Harvard bar, huh? I thought there'd be equations and shit on the wall.

Skylar: You were hoping for a good night kiss.
Will: No, you know. I'll tell ya, I was hoping for a good night lay, but I'd settle for a good night kiss.
Skylar: [bursts out laughing.] How very noble of you.
Will: Thank you... But I was, you know, hoping for a good night kiss.
Skylar: Well, let's just get it over with. Come on, come on.
[they have their first kiss, Skylar giggling the whole time.]
Skylar: [after a few seconds, Skylar bursts out laughing.] I think I got some of your pickle!

Lambeau: Most days I wish I had never met you. Becasue then I could sleep at night. And I didn't have to walk around with the knowledge that there was someone like you out there.

Will: Do you like apples?
Clark: Uh, yeah.
Will: Yeah? [slaps paper against window.] I got her number. How about them apples?

Chuckie: Christ, who did you call?
Will: No one. I forgot the number.
Morgan: You fuckin' retarded? You went all the way out there and you didn't bring their number?
Will: No, it was your mother's 900 number. I just ran out of quarters.
Morgan: Why don't we get off mothers? I just got off yours!
Billy: That's pretty funny, Morgan, here's a fuckin' nickel.

Continuity mistake: In the construction site scene, you will notice the length of Ben's cigarette fluctuates several times. It actually gets longer/shorter as Ben smokes it.

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Trivia: A proposed freeway project in West Virginia has been nicknamed the "Good Will Hunting" (so called because it will be an improvement of the existing roadway between Williamson and Huntington).

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Question: When Will and his friends leave the Harvard bar, he spots the "Michael Bolton clone" and approaches. He pushes the piece of paper with Skylar's phone number against the glass and shouts "do you like apples?" When the other man replies "Yes", Will says "Well, I got her number. How do you like them apples?" Can anyone please tell me what that means?

Answer: "How do you like those apples" is an expression used to denote triumph, like "told you so" or "put that in your pipe and smoke it". Will just adds his own little humorous twist to it.

Grumpy Scot

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