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Corrected entry: In the scene where the four guys are walking up to the Harvard bar for the first time, Morgan is asking Will how he was fired from his janitorial job, and then Chuckie offers Will a job working construction. Will in fact does not loose his job before this scene. This is because later, when Lambeau asks the men in the Buildings and Grounds office about Will, Will's boss says that he "didn't show up for work today," meaning that he still had his job. They would not be expecting Will had he been fired. If he was fired, the movie never attempts to explain why. (00:15:30)

Correction: The fact that Will told his friends he was fired doesn't mean it's true - he might have told them that to hide the fact that he left his job because of the incident with Lambeau.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Will is pitching baseballs at Chucky; Chucky says "Casey's bouncing up a bar at Harvard next week. We should go up there." Chucky (Ben Affleck) should not have said Casey, he should have said Morgan (Casey Affleck). He used the wrong name. (00:07:25)

Correction: Morgan (Casey Affleck) was not the guy bouncing the bar. If you watch them as they go into the bar, you will see them say hello and "What's up Casey?" to the man standing at the door.

Stacey Kotlarczyk

Corrected entry: When Will is telling Gerald that he wants to meet at Sean's office instead, because going to MIT was to far of a commute, doesn't make much sense. Bunker Hill Community College is much more of a commute than going to MIT, especially if you're coming from South Boston on the Redline.

Correction: He just means can they have the meeting at Sean's Office, so that way Will only has to make one commute, instead of having to go to both Bunker Hill & MIT.

Corrected entry: Skylar has already been admitted to Stanford Med when the movie takes place. However, there are several references to the fact that Skylar is taking organic chemistry (O-Chem). Since O-Chem is a requirement for most undergraduate pre-med courses, it is unrealistic for her to be taking it in the last semester of her undergrad career. Additionally, despite the fact that O-chem isn't required for the MCAT, it is unlikely that a top school like Stanford would accept her without seeing her O-Chem grades.

Correction: When I was in college, I had a friend who got accepted into Johns Hopkins (even more prestigious) while currently taking o-chem. Plus it could have been a graduate level organic class.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: They show Will taking the subway home - he lives in Southie, which would be the JFK stop, but they show him going past Savin Hill on the Quincy/Braintree train. (01:50:45)

Correction: The JFK stop would leave you in Dorchester, not Southie. The two Southie stops on the MBTA Red Line are Broadway and Andrew Sq.

Corrected entry: When Gerald and Sean talk about Will wasting his potential, Gerald refers to Einstein as a Swiss patent clerk who did physics in his spare time instead of getting drunk each night with his buddies in Vienna. Einstein worked in Bern/Switzerland, whereas Vienna is the capital of Austria, where Einstein never lived. (01:13:15)


Correction: Character mistake.

Corrected entry: After they leave the bar in Harvard square they show them on their way home going over the Longfellow bridge as the sun rises. This bridge connects Cambridge to Boston and is located approximately two miles from the location of the bar. Since all bars close no later then 2:00 A.M. it must have taken them three hours to drive two miles. (00:22:10)

Correction: Before heading home, the boys see the Harvard guy at a Dunkin Donuts down the street. Although the editing doesn't make it clear, it seems that our heroes must have also stopped at a diner for bite to eat.


Corrected entry: In the scene at the end where Ben Affleck is going to pick up Matt Damon for work, it completely overlooks the fact that they just gave him a car the night before and should have known he wasn't there when his car was gone.

Correction: Throughout the film it can be seen that the road behind Will's house is just big enough for one car to go through. There is definitely not enough space for cars to park. Anyway, there is also not space for Will to park his car in his yard. Will's car might be around the corner (main street) where there might be enough space to park his car.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Will and the crew fight the guys at the basketball court, it appears Ben puts the car into park then turns around and threatens his brother to get out of the car and fight. But after he turns around and goes to get out of the car, it looks like he puts the car in park again.

Correction: Ben puts the car in reverse the first time.

Corrected entry: Just before the guys get out of the car to fight in the playground, Ben Affleck's character puts the car in "park" twice.

Correction: It might appear he does, but if you pay attention, he simply check to make sure. The gear shift is already in park from the first time.

Corrected entry: The part of the movie when they're on their break at the construction site when Ben Affleck's character is telling Matt Damon's character that he wishes one of these times when he goes to pick him up he won't be there...well, the chimney behind them has smoke that came out of it but none of it is moving, and for that entire scene the fog/smoke stays in the same place.

Correction: If you actually look closer at that scene and continue watching it is not smoke from the smoke stack but a cloud, and if your eye is keen enough it does move towards the end.

Corrected entry: When Matt Damon and his friends are leaving the bar, just after they meet Minnie Driver, they are about to go home. However, when they're walking on the street, they're walking towards the Inn at Harvard, which is the opposite direction of the subway stop closest to them.

Correction: Ben Affleck had a car and Damon was the only one using the subway, so Ben was going to drive him.

Corrected entry: This is sort of a combination of trivia and a revealing mistake. In the scene where Robin Williams is joking with Matt Damon about his wife farting in bed, if you pay close attention you'll notice that the camera shakes quite a bit. This is because the camera-man is laughing along with Williams and Damon. (00:56:35)

Correction: This is not trivia, nor is it a revealing mistake. If the director chose to hold the camera instead of using a tri-pod for a scene and the camera shook it wouldn't be a mistake. And who knows, maybe the director purposely wanted the camera to shake. Unless you could actually hear the camera man laugh, which you can't, there is nothing wrong with it shaking.

Corrected entry: In the scenes where Matt Damon is riding the subway alone it is apparent that he's riding the Red Line, going by the outside views of the train. But the inside views are NOT of any Red Line train, nor are they of any subway in the Boston area. No subway in Boston has those suspended handles for passengers to hold on to. And the Red Line subway has black-colored cushioned seats, all facing each other. The subway in the movie has non-cushioned plastic seats of various colors and they are facing several different positions. As someone who takes the Red Line to work every day I can definitely say that Matt Damon is not sitting in any Red Line subway at any time in the movie.

Correction: The crew used a series of Red Line cars that were in service up until the early 1990's. These cars had the long red benches and strap-hangers seen in the car Matt Damon is riding in. They are no longer used for passenger service in Boston, however.

Continuity mistake: In the construction site scene, you will notice the length of Ben's cigarette fluctuates several times. It actually gets longer/shorter as Ben smokes it.

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Sean: Real loss is only possible when you love something more than you love yourself.

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Trivia: A proposed freeway project in West Virginia has been nicknamed the "Good Will Hunting" (so called because it will be an improvement of the existing roadway between Williamson and Huntington).

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Question: Why is Sean happy that Will rejected the job interview to go to California? I know he thinks love is important, but his goal was to stop Will from wasting his potential.


Chosen answer: Will is not wasting his potential. Sean knows that Will has overcome many of his emotional difficulties and with his exceptional abilities, there will be many other job opportunities, regardless of where he lives. Sean believes it is far more important for Will to pursue a lasting relationship with a woman for the first time in his life.

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