When A Stranger Calls

Jill expected it to be a quite night babysitting in the country. She only had to take this stupid job because Bobby made her go 800 minutes over her allowed time on her cell phone, so her parents were having her make up for it by taking a babysitting job. When she arrives at the house she's babysitting at, it's huge. The children are already asleep and the parents show her around. The parents leave and she explores. Later on, she starts recieving phone calls from a strange man. She does not know who it is and *69 does not seem to work for the number. She dismisses it, but then the calls keep coming. She calls the cops. They instruct her to keep the caller on the phone for at least 60 seconds if possible. The maid mysteriously disappears, she can't reach any of her friends, and these calls are really creeping her out. Jill is at last able to reach her ex-boyfriend Bobby, and she asks him if he's been calling, assuming it's him and his friends making prank phone calls, but he says no and the phone cuts off. Jill finally keeps the man on the phone for 60 seconds and calls the cops. They trace the call. Later on she answers the phone thinking its the strange man again but it's the cops telling her the calls are coming from inside the house. She then ends up fighting for her life as the man finds her inside the house. Now she has to save her own life, as well as the children's. Can she save the lives of everyone she loves? Or will she end up dead?


Continuity mistake: When Jill puts the piece of paper with the code for the security system on top of the system in another scene it's gone, and when she returns it's back again.

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Stranger on the phone: What are you wearing?
Jill: Combat boots and a trench coat you pervert, who is this?

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