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Corrected entry: Prissy is sent to get Dr. Meade to help with Melanie's delivery. When she returns and walks through the gate there is a dummy soldier standing on the sidewalk, probably a leftover from an earlier mass scene. (01:11:00)


Correction: The dummy solder is actually a metal figurine used to tether horses

Corrected entry: When Scarlett tries on the green bonnet that Rhett brings her from Paris she looks in the mirror and ties the bow. When she is facing the mirror after tying it, the bow is flat and wrinkled. When she turns away to show Rhett, the bow has been miraculously puffed and is perfectly even and very wide. (00:45:05)

Correction: After she puts the hat on backwards, she is looking in the mirror as she begins to tie the bow. Scarlett finishes fluffing and straightening the bow as she turns to ask Rhett how she looks.

Corrected entry: When Scarlett is flirting with the twins at the barbecue, she is sitting on a cushion on the steps, but when she walks away the cushion is gone.

Correction: The cushion is still there when they leave. There's even another cushion one step below.


Corrected entry: Maybe there is something I haven't understood. But Scarlett marries Frank Kennedy for the sole purpose of raising $300 to pay taxes on Tara. Wouldn't he have coughed up the money as well if he had married his life-long belle Suellen?


Correction: Suellen would not have asked Frank for the money because she no longer cared what happened to Tara. Near the beginning of Part Two she says as much, adding, "I hate Tara." prompting Scarlett to slap her.

Character mistake: When Melanie and Scarlett are talking with an (off-screen) wounded Confederate soldier, the soldier says he hasn't heard from his brother since Bull Run. Only Northerners refer to that battle as Bull Run; Southerners have always referred to it as Manassas.

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Scarlett: I can shoot straight, if I don't have to shoot too far.

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Trivia: Hattie McDaniel's portrayal of Mammy earned her an Academy Award, the first to be given to an African American.

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