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Corrected entry: When Scarlett is flirting with the twins at the barbecue, she is sitting on a cushion on the steps, but when she walks away the cushion is gone.

Correction: The cushion is still there when they leave. There's even another cushion one step below.


Corrected entry: Maybe there is something I haven't understood. But Scarlett marries Frank Kennedy for the sole purpose of raising $300 to pay taxes on Tara. Wouldn't he have coughed up the money as well if he had married his life-long belle Suellen?


Correction: Suellen would not have asked Frank for the money because she no longer cared what happened to Tara. Near the beginning of Part Two she says as much, adding, "I hate Tara." prompting Scarlett to slap her.

Corrected entry: If you look closely at the lily Scarlett is holding in the very first scene of the film, you can see that it's artificial.

Correction: They had artificial flowers in the 1800's, there's no reason she shouldn't have one. It all comes down to the deliberate intent of the filmmakers; for all we know it was a commentary on Scarlett herself.


Corrected entry: During the burning of Atlanta scene, Rhett and Scarlett are escaping in a wagon. The horse stops, spooked by the fire, so Rhett throws Scarlett's shawl over the horse's eyes. The mistake is that as soon as Rhett grabs the reins, the horse throws off the shawl, and suddenly no longer is afraid of the fire. (01:22:15)

Correction: After Rhett jumped out of the carriage and grabbed the horse directly by the bridle, the horse became calmer once it was being led forward by a human, regardless of whether on not the blanket was still covering its eyes.

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Factual error: Scarlett is seen walking on the main street on the way to the hospital. You can clearly see a light bulb in one of the street lights. (01:05:25)

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Scarlett: I can shoot straight, if I don't have to shoot too far.

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Trivia: After Margaret Mitchell's (author of "Gone with the Wind") husband saw the scene with the wounded soldiers in Atlanta he is reported to have said "if we had had that many soldiers, we wouldn't have lost the war in the first place."


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Question: I read in the trivia section that something falls out of a tree while the letters "Gone with the Wind" go across the screen. I watched the movie and it's true, but does anyone have any information about it? (Was there any controversy? What was the object? Did they try to edit it out? etc.).

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Chosen answer: It looks to me like a bird flying from the tree to the ground. Nothing controversial there and no reason to edit it out.


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