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Corrected entry: Two soldiers examine the tube at the end of which we then see Godzilla's eye opening. One looks towards the end of the tube, the other examines with a flashlight. He then turns around to go back to the guy at the curve and behind him opens the eye of the beast - but shouldn't the guy in the back who was looking in that direction notice?

Correction: We don't see the other guy after the one near Godzillas eye has turned around. He might have turned around as well.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: The footage of the Nuclear Explosions are actually those of the US "Crossroads" Program during 1946-1953. Ironically enough, it was done in the South Pacific.

Correction: I can not see how this is a mistake. All this goes to show is that Godzilla is a result of years of nuclear radiation and several test bombings, instead of being mutated by a single atomic blast.


Corrected entry: When Godzilla's tail smashes the bridge of the Japanese fishing tanker, all 3 men at the bridge go flying, but in the next shot, we only see 1 of the 3 men actually slam into the wall.

Correction: Perhaps one guy got hit with more force or weighed less so he flew farther.


Corrected entry: I've talked to a Ministry Official and other fishermen, and the "fishing ship" that is portrayed in the Godzilla movie is a bit too generous in size for Japanese fishing operations in the South Pacific. Not too many fishing operations require a ship the size of a supertanker...

Correction: The ship in question is referred to as a "canning ship". It is self contained, it catches the fish, processes and cans the fish so when it lands they just unload the cans of fish. This makes for fresher canned fish as opposed to keeping the fish alive long enough to get to land and then transport them to land for processing.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, the F-18's shoot missiles at Godzilla. However they are very close to each other. They weren't in any formation, and having a missile pass so close to a jet should have caused it to explode from the heat and radiance or at least give it turbulence.

Correction: They are proximity fused, air to ground Hellfire missiles, not heat seeeking air-to-air missiles. The heat of a near by jet is irrelevant. Secondly, the turbulence from a 420kg missile won't even cause a noticeable wobble on a 20 ton jet fighter, let alone 'turbulence'.

Corrected entry: The newscaster states that Godzilla's appearance in New York is the greatest disaster since the World Trade Center bombing. It is unknown what year this is supposed to take place. The WTC was destroyed by terrorist attacks in 2001. The movie was made in 1998 so it seems the writer had a premonition. Also, when the various camera shots show the NYC skyline, you can see the WTC buildings, although in this movie, whatever year it was to take place, they could have been rebuilt.

Correction: You are blatantly wrong! The movie was set in the present day of that time in 1998. The reference was for the first terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, on February 26th 1993. That bombing caused the deaths of 6 people, there were more than 1,000 people injured, 105 firefighters injured, damage to PATH train mezzanine and the cost of the damage was more than half a billion dollars.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where the old man is fishing off the pier in New York and hooks Godzilla, Godzilla swims back towards him, just under the water. He keeps coming until he starts smashing the pier up from underneath the water. How could he even stay under the water right there? The water can't be very deep because the pier is on pilings.

Correction: As seen later in the movie, Godzilla swims in a flat-out position. When swiiming, she is no taller than the thickest part of her body, which is far from her regular height. And naturally, she stands up before jumping out of the water.


Corrected entry: The monster can outrun helicopters, but can't catch a taxi?

Correction: Godzilla actually outmanuvered the choppers, not outran them. She was able to move much more freely than the choppers as she didn't have to worry about hitting buildings. As for the taxi, have you ever tried to catch a mouse running through your house? It's very difficult. Same situation.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: The Apache choppers Echo 1, 2 and 4 fire missiles at Godzilla which are called 'Sidewinders'. Sidewinders are air-to-air missiles used on fighter planes; the Apaches' standard heavy missile are air-to surface tank-cracking 'Hellfires'.

Correction: The Apache are capable of using Sidewinders for air-to-air attacks. They can be mounted on the wingtips.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Nick is trying to get in the elevator, a young Godzilla sticks its head through the doors and they automatically open (this is a security feature). When Nick kicks it in the head, the doors are automatically closing, even though there is something in the middle of them.

Correction: The door hit the baby the first time. The door closed again because it was not blocking the electric eye on the elavator, which is near the bottom.

Corrected entry: After Matthew Broderick is kicked off the project team and he has the fight with his ex-girlfriend, his girlfriend's friend's husband heads to his bright red van. He has an opened umbrella in his hand one shot, yet when he steps into the van, he doesn't stop to close it or anything. It literally disappears. He doesn't bring it into the van, and he doesn't drop it either, as the ground to the left of the van is empty as he drives away in the next shot.

Correction: I played it in slow-motion. He puts it in the car, just before he gets in.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Nick gets into the elevator in Madison Square Garden he starts to press the close button, but if you look at the button to the left of his hand the picture shows the close doors sign so he would be pressing the open doors button.

Correction: No, that picture is a marker. There is a silver button that actually closes the door. You can see the same on the left hand side, where there is the doors open marker and a silver button next to it.

Corrected entry: The strength of Godzilla seems to change every minute from destroying skyscrapers to being unable to destroy a cab. This also applies to the young ones, they can go through walls but later they're held back by locked doors, doors closed with a rope, or elevator doors.

Correction: Concerning the young, there is no scene featuring them coming through walls, only windows/glass screens at best; yet the question about the Garden's all too flimsy doors remains.

Corrected entry: When Godzilla chases the taxi, the people inside argue which road they should take. When one of the characters proposes one route, Audrey says "But that road always has traffic jams when it's raining" or something similar. But isn't that a perfectly stupid thing to say when there's no one in the city?

Correction: This is just becasue living in New York, Audrey has been conditioned not to take this road in the rain. It doesn't even occur to her that the road will be devoid of cars.

Correction: Also, she has seen enough wreckage to be thinking of abandoned / destroyed vehicles from Godzilla's first attack (which was also in the rain). A traffic jam of totaled cars is just as bad an obstacle as functional ones that are stopped.


Corrected entry: When the attack helicopters go after Godzilla they use heat seeking missiles. Surely they wouldn't even notice a cold blooded lizard? Also when Godzilla chases them why don't they just go up out of reach, rather than running away below the rooftops?

Correction: Cold-blooded doesn't mean cold. A reptile is as warm as his environment. A little added exertion would make Godzilla warm enough for the missiles to work. What's more, the iguana she once was has turned dinosaurian, with legs under the body. As such, she could easily be warm-blooded now like dinosaurs are thought to be.

It's mentioned by the helicopter pilot in the movie that the lizard is colder than the buildings around it. She isn't warm blooded, she isn't expelling any heat at all.


Correction: The force of habit, most of the things they usually fight have warm components (soldiers, attack dogs, running engines, even mere campfires), and they don't have the time or know-how to custom make the missiles. Arctic researchers have made a similar mistake when tracking seals, they tried tracking them via infrared, which works in warmer climates perfectly well, but since it's obviously urgent that Polar warm-blooded creatures not lose heat, it was of limited to no use, and the scientists had to use other methods; which they, unlike the soldiers, had the time to find.


They should have immediately noticed the thing is too cold to use heat seekers on. They should have switched to cannons.


Corrected entry: Godzilla can bite an armored helicopter in half with one chomp, but apparently cannot handle a taxicab that is in his mouth.

Correction: He also had a huge chunk of the bridge's concrete in his mouth too...difficult to bite through even for him.


Continuity mistake: When the Mayor of New York is talking to the crowds and people can feel the ground bouncing, Godzilla is a fair bit away, but when she is stomping through the streets the people don't feel it at all - shouldn't they be thrown into the air from that proximity? (00:26:25)

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Sergeant O'Neal: I can't believe it, uh... he did all of this and... we did nothing to him.
Dr. Niko Tatopoulus: Ah, that's not true. We fed him.

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Trivia: Director Roland Emmerich was a massive fan of Spielberg's films. Particularly "Jurassic Park." Emmerich decided to model this film more around "Jurassic Park" than the original "Godzilla" series. (In particular the "Baby Godzilla" sequences, which features many callbacks and references to the raptor scenes from "Jurassic Park").

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