Lady in the Water

Cleveland Heep realizes he has gathered the wrong group of people in order to fulfill the legend and return Story home. After a failed attempt, Story is attacked and nearly killed by a scrunt. Mr. Dury's son Joey turns out to be the symbolist and Cleveland turns out to be the healer, The Guild turns out to be the seven asian sisters and finally reggie turns out to be the guardian. Cleveland heals Story and they set up for one last try to get her home. As they approach the pool the scrunt attacks again, this time Reggie is there to face it and it starts to back down. Right before Story is taken by the great eatlon the scrunt lunges forward and is attacked and killed by the tartutic from the trees. the camera shows Story being picked up by the great eatlon in the reflection of the pool.

Edward Rinderknecht

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When Cleveland introduces Mr. Farber to Young Soon Choi, Heep says her apartment is 8A. But, later when Cleveland goes to Choi, the door number reads 16B.



Shyamalan based the film on a story he told his children. This aspect of the production was questioned frequently, with one critic saying that if Shyamalan based his films on kid stories, he should go make films for Nickelodeon. Ironically enough, 4 years later he released "The Last Airbender" for Nickelodeon, which was considered to be one of the worst films ever released.