Miami Vice

Continuity mistake: When Naomie Harris wakes up in the trailer after being abducted, she is rigged with a bomb around her neck. During the scene there is sunlight coming through the window of the trailer. The problem is that the whole section of the movie beginning, when she's abducted till she's in the hospital, takes place roughly between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 A.M.

Continuity mistake: In the series of shots when Crockett and Tubbs have phoned headquarters there are several large red LED clocks in the background. The clocks jump ahead a few minutes with a few seconds on the phone but the funniest clock change is at the end when the minutes showing actually go backwards from 49 to 48.

Continuity mistake: When Jamie Foxx shoots a man, we see three shots of him. In the first and third shot, there's a large bullet wound in his chest, and a large part of his shirt is missing. But in the second shot, there's no wound, and his shirt is intact.


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