Grandma's Boy

Continuity mistake: When they have rolled all the weed together, Dante lit the bong with both of his hands on the bong, but in the next shot he is just sitting back on the couch.

Visible crew/equipment: You can see the boom mic in the TV monitor at the meeting when Cheezle says "I thought I was going to explode into the atmosphere". (01:20:05)


Plot hole: Contrary to the realism of developing a video game Alex should have had external files such as character models, stage maps and coding on his laptop which he could have used as evidence that JP stole his game, It would be impossible to keep all of the games files on one disc especially if he wanted to change something in the game because if you want to modify a DVD-RW you have to erase the disc data and reburn it.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie, right after the boxing match on the Xbox, Alex goes into his kitchen to grab a drink. You can see Kevin Nash and another guy in the background. The other guy picks up a coffee maker and places it into a packing box. In the next shot, Alex asks the two guys what's going on, and in the shot after that, you can see the guy grabbing the same coffee maker from behind the box, and placing it into the box again.

Continuity mistake: When Alex comes to work after he finishes levels 10-15, his friend (Hill) sniffs the folder twice.


Character mistake: When playing Alex's game for the first time, the buttons Grandma presses are different to the buttons Alex describes. For instance, she presses the 'punch' button to use a spell, when she should use the left trigger.

Factual error: During the Dance Dance Revolution challenge, the challenger should have won. Jeff does some outlandish freaky dance moves, which in no way correlate to the arrows that are on the arcade screen. The arrows that he hits, aren't even the same ones that register as being hit up on the screen.

Factual error: In the scene where Alex is challenged by one of the testers to play Frog Bog, he shows it to Alex for the Xbox. Frog Bog was released for the Intellivision but wasn't available on the Xbox until 2010, after the release of this movie.

Factual error: Alex tells Samantha he's a tester when he meets her in the office. As a tester, he wouldn't be designing levels for EDS3.

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