Grandma's Boy

Continuity mistake: When they have rolled all the weed together, Dante lit the bong with both of his hands on the bong, but in the next shot he is just sitting back on the couch.

Visible crew/equipment: You can see the boom mic in the TV monitor at the meeting when Cheezle says "I thought I was going to explode into the atmosphere". (01:20:05)


Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie, right after the boxing match on the Xbox, Alex goes into his kitchen to grab a drink. You can see Kevin Nash and another guy in the background. The other guy picks up a coffee maker and places it into a packing box. In the next shot, Alex asks the two guys what's going on, and in the shot after that, you can see the guy grabbing the same coffee maker from behind the box, and placing it into the box again.

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Trivia: In the scene where Alex is playing the frog game with Timmy, Alex's winning score lands exactly on 420, which is a popular pot head number. (00:17:35)

Trivia: As Alex and Josh are walking outside after being evicted the house number is 420 (420 is a popular reference to marijuana). (00:03:35)

Jason Whitton

Alex: Why don't you answer your phone?
Dante: Oh I'm sorry, I was putting up my Christmas tree.
Alex: Dude, it's July.
Dante: Get the fuck out of here it is?

Jeff: I can't believe you came on my mom.

Newscaster: Pamela Mills here in Van Nuys where a rare breed of African lion was captured in a residential neighborhood. Sir, what was going through your head when you saw the lion.
Dante: This shit is fucking crazy. I don't know how lion got into the neighborhood. I heard some growlin' and shit. So my roommate and I, we go to check this shit out. I look up in the tree, and there's the fucking king of the jungle! It was staring right at me. I almost shit my fucking pants. So I ran inside and called the 5-0.

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