Glory (1989)

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The 54th Massachusetts Regiment fight in the battle at Fort Wagner against the Confederate States. The 54th suffers heavy losses. While seeking refuge at the bottom of a hill under heavy fire, Col. Robert Gould Shaw (Broderick) stands up to inspire his troops to move up the hill, when he is suddenly shot and killed. Trip (Washington) picks up the American flag that was dropped and hails for them to move forward, but is also shot and killed. Forbes (Elwes) and Rawlins (Freeman) lead the 54th through the Fort killing everyone who stands in their way. They eventually run into a small opening which is guarded by two cannon emplacements. Although it is not shown, Forbes, Rawlins and the men behind them were most likely killed. The final scene shows the aftermath of the battle, as numerous bodies lay lifeless on the sands of Fort Wagner. A Confederate drops Trip's body next to Shaw's. A final epilogue tells us that the 54th were hailed for their bravery.

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Factual error: In the assault on Fort Wagner, the regiment attacks the fort from the wrong side. In reality, the troops attacked from the south.

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Question: When the men finally get their shoes, they are just tossed a pair from the wagon and they automatically fit. Were military shoes back then one size fits all? How could they have shoes that automatically fit them?


Answer: To add to the answer, it's shown in the film in this scene as a soldier approaches a pile of shoes and places a pair on the pile and grabs another.


Chosen answer: The shoes would have been a mix of the most common sizes, and the men would have gone through them to find the right size...swapping when necessary. Keep in mind many of them were barefoot, so even shoes of the wrong size would have been a blessing.

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