Pride & Prejudice

Corrected entry: Lizzy is sitting in Charlotte's house. From the outside, the second window from the left is opened. When Mr. Darcy comes in to try to propose to her, all of the windows are closed.


Correction: The open window is on Lizzie's side of the room (seen just inside). The closed one is on the opposite side of the room, where Darcy enters. During the scene, the same window that was open in the first shot is never shown again.

Corrected entry: Lizzie and her Aunt and Uncle visit Pemberly in a carriage, it is about 5 miles from their inn. Lizzie wanders off and runs into Darcy and his sister. She runs away and Darcy follows her. They talk briefly, and he offers to take her home; she says she likes to walk. Her aunt and uncle seem to have left without her.

Correction: Where's the mistake? You've just described a scene.


Corrected entry: When everybody is leaving the living room because Mr Bingley is going to propose to Jane, there are flowers and paint brushes on the little table standing against the wall. After the proposal they are gone.

01:40:10 - 01:41:20

Correction: Yes, the little flowers and paintbrushes in a cup are on 'a' table. They are actually on a second tabletop to the left of the table that is up against the wall, beside the doorway.

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Corrected entry: In the scene after Elizabeth rejects Mr. Darcy's proposal, Elizabeth has her hair in a braid that falls over her right shoulder before she looks in the mirror. While looking in the mirror, the braid is over her left shoulder. When she turns to see Darcy riding away, the braid is over her right shoulder again.

Correction: That's because you see the mirror image.

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