The Gift

Corrected entry: Three times in the movie there are clear shots at a clock to show us a particular timing. The first two come when Annie has a vision about the girl who was killed, and the last one is when she sees who the murderer is. The first two times we see the clock, it shows 06.28 but the third and the last time, the clock shows a completely different timing. It is more around 1 o'clock than half past six. This is very strange as the timing plays somewhat a big role in the movie.

Correction: No, the time is always 1:28. The tiny little hand indicating the time the alarm is set for is on the six, but the hour hand is always at half past one.


Corrected entry: When Donnie first confronts Annie at her house, he's not wearing a hat. In the middle of the scene, when he turns to face her, he's suddenly wearing a baseball cap.

Correction: When Annie looks through the window, Donnie lifts his arm up to his head, presumably to take off his hat. It is not a suprise that a Southerner would take off his hat before entering someone's home. The camera was not on him for several seconds before the hat reappeared on his head and he left. This would have left him plenty of time to put on his hat, normal behavior for someone leaving.

Continuity mistake: Annie takes the photo album from her sleeping son's arms and she heads for the door, with the album under her arm. As she appears out the door, the album is gone.


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Donnie: I asked her that myself one time. She said I was the only man in town that knew how to fuck.
David: You're disgusting.

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Question: When Annie and her boys are coming home from the neighbour's place, next door, there's a blue light coming from the main bedroom. Leaving her boys, Annie goes into the house and there is all this noise that sounds like a radio not completely tuned in, of an evangelist preaching really loudly. Now, where is all this noise coming from: Annie's mind, Donnie's car radio parked outside? Or is it just for our benefit?


Answer: The TV in Annie's room.

The TV wasn't on before, and Annie is suspicious of the noise and light, which she wouldn't be if it was just the TV.

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