The Gift

Continuity mistake: When Gordo leaves Simon and Robyn for a few minutes to handle a work thing, Simon starts mocking Gordo in his absence. Simon tells Robyn that Gordo wants to nail her and Robyn says "Stop it," but Simon continues his mocking of Gordo. At the end when Simon is listening to the recording that Gordo made of that conversation, Robyn's "Stop it" is absent.


Continuity mistake: When Simon comes back to the hospital after he just watched the DVD that Gordo made, he walks into the room looking for Robyn. The bathroom door is open as he is calling out Robyn's name. In the next shot, Simon has his back to the camera and now the bathroom door is closed as he's knocking on it.


Other mistake: When Simon runs down the hospital corridor toward the end, attempting to catch Gordo in the elevator, many of the hospital employees and patients notice him running and watch curiously. But in the very next shot, where he slams against the elevator doors and shouts, none of them seem interested.


Gordo: Good people deserve good things.

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Trivia: When Simon plays a series of tapes, listed as 1 2 3, you can briefly see a flash of a black figure wearing a pig mask.

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