Rashomon (1950)

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All versions concerning to the Event of the murder and rape are different: The bandit Proudly Claims that her raped the wife and killed the Husband like a real warrior. The wife Claims that after The bandit raped her, She killed the husband so that he won't make her feal shame. The Ghost of the husband claims that After the so-called "Rape", The bandit and his wife ran away togather, and that he actually committed suicide from shame. When the priest and the lumberjack finish their story, The stranger finds out that the lumberjack was the fourth witness to the crime. The fourth Version, is, somehow, A combination of all the other: After the rape, The wife Asks the Bandit and her husband to fight over her, for that she can't live with another person knowing her betrayal. At the end of a very long swordfight, The bandit manages to kill the husband. But as he reaches to hold the hand of the wife, she laughs sinisterly and runs away, leaving the Bandit full of shame. At the End of The Last versions, priest discovers an abnadoned baby nearby, covered in blankets, and on him lies a golden Medal. The stranger Rudly takes the golden medal for himself, Caliming it will make him rich. While the lumberjack tries to stop him, The Stranger reveals the truth about the luberjack - He stole the Wife's golden dagger, which she forgot at the scene of the crime. Now, Even The Lumberjack Is untrustable. as the storm fades away and the stranger is long gone, The Lumberjack Takes custody of the baby, as the priest claims that he can once again believe the human spirit. As the Lumberajck Goes away, we find out that "RASHOMON" was actually the name of the Broken castle gate they were hiding in.

D.R. Endings

Priest: A man's been murdered.
Commoner: So what? Only one? Why, up on top of this gate, there's always five or six bodies. No one worries about them.

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