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Staff Sergeant Sykes (Foxx) warns Swoff (Gyllenhaal) that his friend Troy (Sarsaarg) will be kicked out of the Marines pending the end of his tour in Iraq for lying about his criminal record on the entrance forms. Swoff and Troy are given a job by Kalinski (Cooper) to take out a target. Just as they are about to shoot him, Maj. Lincoln (Haysbert) arrives and aborts their mission, calling in an airstrike to take the target out. Troy breaks down and cries only because he wanted to take the shot. When they return to their camp, they find the entire platoon celebrating that the war is over. Swoff fires his rifle into the air as it was the only time during the war that he got to fire it. The rest of the men do the same. They are shipped home and when they arrive, a Vietnam vet boards their bus and salutes them. A epilogue follows, showing all the men after the war. Swoff breaks up with Kris (who has a new boyfriend), Kruger (Black) works in an office, Fowler (Jones) is seen in a bar with a girl (possibly a hooker), Cortez (Vargas) is seen at a carnival with his family, Escobar (Alonso) is seen working at a convenience store, and Sykes is still fighting in Iraq. Fergus (Geraghty) finds Swoff and tells him that Troy had died. Swoff attends his funeral and cries beside Troy's coffin. We are never told how he died. The last shot is of Swoff staring out a window, and only seeing himself out in the desert again.Update Troy died from a Drunk Driver. Its in the book Jarhead

Continuity mistake: When Cortez gets out a photo of his wife pregnant, the photo changes between shots. She is facing a different direction in the next shot. His USMC tattoo, however, stays the same direction throughout the scene. (00:26:55)

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All Marines: This is my rifle, this is my gun. This is for fighting and this is for fun.

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Question: Regardless of the Major's interference, what is the ideal way for a sniper to take out two targets in that situation with a bolt-action 7.62 sniper rifle?

Answer: Strange as it may sound humans take a long time to process the unknown. Once a sniper has patterned the subjects he will take the shot on the one furthest away. Hearing glass break and his friend thud to the floor. The remaining subject will take at least 4 seconds to comprehend what just happened. He will obsever, decypher, and react. Each one of those takes at least a second and a half, maybe a little less. By the time the second guy has comprehended what is going on the second bullet is already hitting its target. In the history of snipers this has been done.

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