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Corrected entry: The uniforms worn by the troops ["chocolate chip" DCU] are incorrect. The uniforms they are wearing were in design during this time, and weren't sent to the desert for them to wear until AFTER the conflict was over. They were actually on a plane on their way there when everything started and ended so quickly.

Kimberly Mason

Correction: Desert BDUs [the DCU is a different uniform issued from 1991 onwards] were designed in the 1960s and had been on issue for ten years. The only times DBDUs weren't issued were down largely down to [A] a shortage of uniforms as a result of the rapid nature of sending 500,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines downrange in such a short period of time and the supply chain hadn't caught up. Or [B] they were not seen as a priority to be issued. Those in the combat branches at the top of the list, the likes of airmen on safe airbases last, and [C] some units deploying closer to the January deadline didn't have time to receive [3rd ID for example]and wore woodland BDUs going over the border.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Swofford and his Spotter come back and they start shooting off their weapons, there is a scene where a M-16 is being fired as a full auotmatic, which is impossible. As the M-16A2 will only fire 3round bursts or semi-auto.

Correction: The M16-A2 may be, but the M16-A3 is capable of full-automatic fire and was introduced around the same time in smaller numbers and looks pretty much the same.

Corrected entry: During the Christmas party sequence, the song "O.P.P." by Naughty By Nature was played. This track, however, was not released until late 1991, while this part of the film is set in earlier 1991.


Correction: O.P.P. was released Sept 24, 1991. Obviously a Christmas party would be in Dec 1991.

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