Continuity mistake: In the scene when they are emerging after the Stay-Puft explosion, we see Ray with marshmallow on his face and a small amount on his chest. He wipes his face, but in the shot following his apology for the burnt dog hair comment, his front side is completely covered in the stuff. (01:35:50)

Ghostbusters mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the heros arrive at Dana's building, they're saluted by a crowd. If you pay close attention, you'll see the same extra in two different positions (he's the young - and very "happy" - guy wearing a grey suit and a purple tie). (01:19:30)

cinecena Premium member

Revealing mistake: When the ghosts are released from the storage unit, there's a shot of the light beam followed by a wide panoramic view of New York where the ghost lights depart as strings and orbs of energy. If you look at the Empire State Building, you can see that the first orb supposedly passes behind it, but its outline can be in fact seen through it. (01:09:05)

Sammo Premium member

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Continuity mistake: When the hotel manager refuses to pay the bill after the Ghostbusters capture the green ghost (Slimer), you can see he is putting his handkerchief into his top pocket with his left hand, but in the very next shot he can be seen putting the handkerchief in the pocket with both hands. (00:38:50)

Continuity mistake: As the earthquake happens and the ghostbusters fall in the crack, the close-up shot shows Ray holding his gloves, yet in the immediate cut away he is wearing them. (01:20:30)

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Continuity mistake: When Dana returns to her apartment (the first time we see her do so) she is carrying a bag of groceries. The contents at the top of the grocery bag change with each shot: one time celery, then bread, then eggs, etc. (00:17:00)

Revealing mistake: When the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man is walking through the city, in several shots you can see outlines of people and buildings through the marshmallow man, who was added in optically. (01:32:05)

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Continuity mistake: The large blue book that Peter drops on the table to startle Egon disappears off the table in the next shot. (00:07:10)

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Revealing mistake: During the "montage" there is a reversed shot of the guys driving their "ghost-mobile" - you can notice it because the Ghostbusters logo is reversed. (00:39:35)

cinecena Premium member

Factual error: When Mr. Peck comes to the Ghostbusters' building with the police and Con Ed, the NYPD captain is wearing a light blue shirt. All NYPD officers Lieutenant and above wear white shirts. Only patrolmen and sergeants wore the light blue shirt. (01:05:10)

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Revealing mistake: A shot from above Dana Barret's apartment, from just above a statue looking down on the road below: The statue in the foreground is partially transparent. We can see the double yellow line on the street go straight through one of the statue's upper fangs, and one of the white lane dividers going through the statue's lower jaw. Viewed on Bluray disc. (00:16:50)

Continuity mistake: When the demon breaks out of the statue on Dana's apartment building, it breaks away the right paw. When we see the statue after the demon is out, both paws are intact. (00:48:55 - 00:51:55)

Continuity mistake: At the hotel, when the Ghostbusters blast the cleaning lady's trolley, the stuff on the floor changes between shots. Watch the toilet paper on the far left, for example. (00:31:50)

Sacha Premium member

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Visible crew/equipment: When Dana arrives at the Ghostbusters' office, a crew member can be seen moving behind the filing cabinets behind where Janine is sitting. It could be Venkman, but even after Venkman walks over to Dana, there's still a rogue hand there, showing us it wasn't Venkman and was a crew member. (00:22:10)


Ghostbusters mistake picture

Other mistake: After the guys decide to rent the building, the shot of New York from the park is the very same one, though with different sky colour, to that of the moment when they are about to battle Gozer. Though it's a very wide and common shot of the park, the very same people are laying on the grass in the very same position in both shots (big screen recommended to spot it). (00:16:45 - 01:18:35)

Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: At one point in the movie we see the end of the hallway in Dana's apartment and the end is of a window and the wall around it is red like the end near Dana's door. However, (either when the Ghostbusters arrive at the end or when Louis is being attacked by the terror-hound) the whole hallway (even the other end) is all white. (00:17:15 - 00:53:30)

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Suggested correction: There are a couple of months between the first scene with Dana and when the Terror Dogs appear. Plenty of time to paint the hallway.

I take exception to the previous correction; when in a movie there's no narrative explanation given for a change in the scenery (especially a minor and yet extravagant one such as a wall being repainted), the fact is noteworthy and most likely a flub from the set department. However, the mistake reported is not true. At the timecode reported, the wall at the end of the hall is unmistakeably red.

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Continuity mistake: When the mayor orders Walter Peck out of his office, you can see that he is pointing his finger at Peck, but when the camera angle changes his hand is nowhere to be seen. (01:17:45)

Continuity mistake: When we see Dana for the first time, there is an aerial shot of her taxi pulling over to drop her off. The front end of the taxi drives into the view of a tree, however when Dana gets out of the cab, the tree has vanished and there is a clear view. (00:16:50)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where the earthquake begins, the Ghostbusters fall into a hole. They're in two rows - in the first row are Venkman and Ray and in the second row are Egon and Winston. In the following shot, it is now Ray and Winston on the first row and Venkman and Egon on the back row. (01:20:30)

Casual Person

Revealing mistake: After Louis runs out of the building crying "There's a bear in my apartment!", the monster exits the place and knocks down the doorman, but doesn't cast a shadow until it steps on the pavement. (00:54:55)

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Ray Stantz: Everything was fine with our system until the power grid was shut off by dickless here.
Walter Peck: They caused an explosion!
Mayor: Is this true?
Peter Venkman: Yes, it's true. This man has no dick.

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Trivia: When Peter Venkman mentions the time Egon Spengler tried to drill a hole in his head, Egon replies, "That would have worked if you hadn't stopped me". This line was ad-libbed by Harold Ramis.

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Question: Why does Ray drop his trap on the altar? It can be seen all through the 'choose' conversation and when Staypuft first appears.

Answer: He places it on the altar just after they believe they have vaporized Gozer with the proton packs. At this point, thinking the ghost to have been destroyed, he sets it down as he believes the job is done and he will not need it.


Answer: Ray realised Gozer was too powerful to be caught in the trap, so why carry the extra weight?

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