Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Corrected entry: When the priest shuts his greenhouse door you can see there is no alarm lights on each side of it. But when he hits the alarm button there they are blinking. (00:23:20)


Correction: Nope, they're there. Look to the right and you will see one.


Corrected entry: As a shot of the Vicar zooms out to the exterior of the church, on either side of the inner doors you can see two portraits - one of Nick Park and the other presumably Peter Lord.


Correction: The two portraits depict Nick Park and co-director Steve Box, NOT Peter Lord.

Corrected entry: You can see the thin metal pole they use for stop motion on Gromits front right foot. (00:38:20)


Correction: Where? When? A little detail, please.

Corrected entry: When Wallace is pulled back by his suspender in the wood, his eyes pop out for a second. If you watch frame-by-frame, the eyes on Wallace's model don't disappear when this effect happens. This means there's a pair of eyes on Wallace and another pair in mid-air. An unfinished effect shot, perhaps?

Correction: Site rules state that if a mistake has to be viewed in slow motion or frame-by-frame, then it is not a valid entry.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Victor tries to shoot the Were Rabbit from the backyard, you can tell that there are houses directly next to Wallace's. However, in many scenes from the original short films, especially the opening scene of "A Close Shave" where the sheep sneaks into the house, Wallace's house was right next to a street.

Correction: Simply, he moved.

Corrected entry: When Gromit gets spooked when Wallace is gone, you can see his shadow above the tunnel entrance. When he gets back in the car, his shadow goes down, then back up. This can't be the Were-Rabbit's shadow because a) the ears are too small and b) Gromit would have seen the Were-Rabbit because it would have been in front of the car for the shadow to be in that spot.

Correction: It's Wallace turning into the Wererabbit - a hint of things to come - and Gromit isn't looking in that direction.

Corrected entry: When Gromit gives Wallace the box to cover himself up with after he turns from the were-rabbit back to himself in the cheese tent, surely Wallace would have had to step into it?

Correction: We never see the back of the box, which is shabby and torn to being with. Perhaps it was split and Gromit closed it around Wallace's body?

Corrected entry: The bruise on Wallace's fingers that he gets from getting his fingers caught in the mousetrap disappears almost instantly.

Correction: This is the cartoon universe, where the Coyote gets mangled beyond recognition or Daffy Duck gets shot in the face, blowing off his beak - and one shot later they are both up and about, being nefarious. Same with Wallace and Gromit - physical damage is highly temporary. (Apart from this, we have a man (and a dog) who can breathe in a vacuum. The rules don't apply.).

Corrected entry: When the Were-Rabbit falls into the cheese tent and Lady Tottington comes in, she says "Wallace" just before her lips do.

Correction: Actually, her lips move to begin the 'W' in an exaggerated fashion, then the rest of his name flows with audio and video in sync. If you say his name slowly (in an over-the-top, stuffy Brit manner), you'll find you purse your lips well in advance of the 'W' sound being made, if that's your style. It is for her.


Corrected entry: When the vicar is in the church at the start, and the were-rabbit is in the church as well, the were-rabbit rounds the corner of the pew and there is nothing in front of it. However, when the vicar looks back there is a large stone object next to the pew and should have also been in the shot from the were-rabbit's perspective.

Correction: The white pillar is there from both angles, but is shrouded by shadow when looking from the were-rabbit's viewpoint. Still, it's edges are highlighted enough to see it. And it is behind the pew, not next to it. From the Vicar's viewpoint, the pillar is slightly further out into the aisle, but is still 'behind' the pew.


Corrected entry: When the artificial were-rabbit (doll) snaps off the roof of the car while entering the small tunnel Gromit is pulled and 'squashed' against the inside of the roof. You can see Gromit's imprint in the roof in the next scene, shortly before Wallace walks away. In the subsequent scenes/shots when the were-rabbit appears the imprint in the roof has disappeared.

Correction: This is children's animation, not a documentary. Dogs don't drive, and cheese won't raise the dead. The animators did not forget to leave the car dented- it's a sight-gag, and thus, not a mistake.


Corrected entry: In the scene in the Wallace and Gromit short film "The Wrong Trousers" where Wallace showed the penguin into Gromit's room, the door opened from the left side. In this movie, Gromit is looking for the rabbit and when he enters his room, the door opens from the right side.

Correction: It is certainly possible that the door and hinges could have been switched to open on the other side at some point between the two stories. The two of them redesign things all the time.


Corrected entry: The driver's seat in the Anti-Pesto van swaps sides during the film.

Correction: No, it doesn't. It stays on the same side, the standard right side. All that changes is the driver. Wallace and Gromit can both drive, and several times we see Gromit driving even when Wallace is in the car.

Corrected entry: Lady Tottington's castle is all by itself in the country during most scenes. When the rooftop chase occurs during the festival, many adjacent houses can be seen.

Correction: Not quite correct. All the visible roofs are either part of the castle itself (which appears to be rather big) or adjacent domestics' houses.

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