Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Trivia: In the scene where Wallace fetches the giant rabbit after it has come off the van, Gromit turns on the radio, and we hear a song called "Bright Eyes" from the film 'Watership Down' a film about rabbits.

Trivia: In the scene were Gromit is taking care of his melon he looks at a calendar and the date circled for the festival is September 17, which was also the day the British launched operation Market Garden. It's the perfect date for a vegetable festival.

Trivia: The scene with Gromit being pulled through the tunnel in the car by the Were-Rabbit is a take-off of the original "The Italian Job" chase through the sewers.

Trivia: When Gromit's waiting for Wallace to retrieve the giant fake rabbit from where it hit the tunnel wall, we see a fruit and veg shop called "Harvey's". A reference to a classic Jimmy Stewart film from 1950 called "Harvey", where he plays a man who has an invisible 6 foot tall rabbit for a friend.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Trivia: Everything Hutch says was spoken by Wallace either earlier in the film, or in one of the three Wallace and Gromit shorts.

Trivia: Just after Wallace and Gromit have gone under the bridge (losing the female decoy in the process) and Gromit is on his own in the van, look at the shop just beside Harvey's Fruit and Veg Store. It is a barber shop called 'A Close Shave' an homage to an earlier adventure.

Mr A Mclelland

Trivia: Due to a local superstition on the Isle of Portland in England that states that rabbits are bad luck and that even saying the word 'rabbit' can lead to poor fortune, special posters were created to advertise the film there with the title altered to "The Curse of the Were-Bunny"

Tailkinker Premium member

Trivia: When the Were-Rabbit steps on a villager after capturing Lady Tottington, a "Wilhelm scream" can be heard.

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