Get Shorty

Continuity mistake: Chili Palmer goes to DeVito's house and parks his mini van next to the curb facing one direction. When Chili gives DeVito the keys for a test ride, the mini van is now parked facing the other direction on the street.

Continuity mistake: Watch the scene where Chili and Harry are driving past the Napoleon billboard. We then see a shot of Harry with the billboard quite far behind him, but when we cut back to Chili, the billboard is quite close again.

Continuity mistake: When John Travolta, Rene Russo, and DeVito meet at Martin's house, Rene and John arrive in their cars and park facing the wrong way (driver's doors toward the curb), which in Beverly Hills gets you a ticket, but when they emerge from Martin's house, Chili Palmer's van is turned around (and the BMW that Rene Russo was driving is gone) so that the automatic door scene can commence.

Continuity mistake: When Chilli goes to see Leo in the hotel, the door swings shut when Leo comes in AND when Chilli leaves. But, when Leo goes back outside to argue with Chilli, it doesn't swing shut.

Continuity mistake: After Chili is searched and interviewed by the DEA agents at the airport, he leaves the room carrying the bag containing the book he bought in the airport gift shop. When Chili walks into the parking garage and meets up with Bear, Chili is empty handed.

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