The Cave

Kathryn, Top and Tyler make it out to the surface. Some time later, Top departs in a cab and we're left with Kathryn and Tyler at a cafe. Kathryn and Tyler discuss the possibility that Jack might still be alive. Kathryn mentions that she believes that they had previously misunderstood the parasite from the cave. Having previously believed that the parasite was only able to survive in the cave, she mentions to Tyler that that is not true. She kisses Tyler on the cheek, glimpses at him and reveals that she may also be infected with the parasite. Tyler sees that her pupils have changed indicating her transformation has begun and is stunned. Kathryn quickly makes her escape whilst a shocked Tyler snaps back into reality and tries to catch up with her whilst Kathryn disappears into a crowd.


Continuity mistake: When Briggs is talking to the rest of the team on the fiber optic line, the counter on the video screen jumps backwards between shots.

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Charlie: They fly! They freakin' fly.

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