The Transporter 2

Deliberate mistake: When Frank is fighting in the doctors surgery, both he and one of his attackers easily get thrown through walls, yet Lola's shots later don't penetrate to hit Frank when he's hiding in the storage cupboard.

Deliberate mistake: In the doctors surgery, Frank protects himself with a door from Lolas shots, yet the bullets don't penetrate the thin plywood door. It can't be a fire door because you can see inside the door through the holes made by the bullets.

Deliberate mistake: During the chase up the parking building, we can see Frank and Lola, but Jack in the back is barely visible, and when he is, it's quite clear that he was added during post-production or was just a dummy. This is probably due to safety reasons.

Continuity mistake: When Franks Audi does the big jump from the top of the car park, it lands and you can see the front of the car get damaged, yet in later shots the damage has gone.

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Audrey Billings: You said if I needed anything.
Frank Martin: I can't.
Audrey Billings: Why, because of who I am?
Frank Martin: Because of who I am.

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Trivia: The scene where the drunkard sees the car go above him and thinks it's just his imagination is a homage to the Bond movies "The Spy Who Loved Me", in which a character has the same reaction when the car drives out of the water, and "For Your Eyes Only", in which that same character has the same reaction when Bond skis overhead.

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