The Transporter 2
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Audrey Billings: You said if I needed anything.
Frank Martin: I can't.
Audrey Billings: Why, because of who I am?
Frank Martin: Because of who I am.

Lola: My problem isn't physical... it's psychological.

Marshall at Robot Site: Freeze! Who the fuck are you?
Tarconi: I'm the cook.

Max: Don't worry, baby. You're safe, you're safe, you're so beautiful. You remind me of my yellow poom-poom rider.

Tipov: Dimitri, you scared shit in me.

Hoffman: And you and Frank Martin are friends, right?
Tarconi: A friend? I wouldn't say exactly a friend... I know him, we have a relationship.
Hoffman: A long relationship?
Tarconi: Mm... not so long.
Hoffman: But they found you cooking in his house.
Tarconi: I'm French.
Hoffman: So?
Tarconi: We don't need to know someone for longtime, you know, to cook for them... It's our way of breaking the ice.

Frank Martin: You really think killing all these politicians is gonna make things easier for them?
Gianni Chellini: That's not my problem. I was hired to do a job. I did the job, like you. Just... my pay is better. My hair and my suit, too.

Jefferson Billings: Hello?
Frank Martin: It's me.
Jefferson Billings: You son of a bitch.
Frank Martin: Look, I had nothing to do with this.

Frank Martin: Didn't your mother ever teach you to say "thank you"?
Lola: Yeah. She tried and failed miserably.

Girl on Jetski: What ARE you doing?
Frank Martin: I'm trying to catch a bus.

Frank Martin: I'm afraid that your flight's been canceled.
Gianni Chellini: I'm afraid that you have been canceled.

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