Dear Frankie

Dear Frankie (2004)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Frankie takes Ricky's photo at the soccer practice the camera's flash activates despite the fact the sun is bright enough to cast shadows and cause the cast to squint throughout most of the scene.



Correction: This is not out of the question. the flash on my camera comes on automatically regardless of the amount of light. In bright weather I have to manually switch it off, which Frankie might not have done.

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Frankie's voice-over reading of the letter to his father does not match the text of the letter. He says, "Ricky Munroe told me. Trust him to put his big feet right in it. I've told him hundreds and hundreds of times." but the letter reads, "Ricky Munroe told me. Trust him to put his size threes right in it. He is rubbish at secrets. I've told him hundreds and hundreds of times."



According to the Director's Commentary, when Lizzie, Nell and Marie are drinking wine and singing in Lizzie's flat the actors ended up using real wine as the fake wine looked too fake and ended up quite tipsy which made for a livelier take or two.