Dear Frankie

Trivia: According to the Director's Commentary, when Lizzie, Nell and Marie are drinking wine and singing in Lizzie's flat the actors ended up using real wine as the fake wine looked too fake and ended up quite tipsy which made for a livelier take or two.



Trivia: In the scene where Ricky Monroe played by Sean Brown free-styles a hip-hop dance move in the hall outside Frankie's flat, that was entirely improvised by Sean Brown who had been "busting those moves" on set and had been the director's intent to work into the movie since she first witnessed them from the beginning of filming, according to the director's commentary.



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Frankie's voice-over reading of the letter to his father does not match the text of the letter. He says, "Ricky Munroe told me. Trust him to put his big feet right in it. I've told him hundreds and hundreds of times." but the letter reads, "Ricky Munroe told me. Trust him to put his size threes right in it. He is rubbish at secrets. I've told him hundreds and hundreds of times."