Continuity mistake: Chuckie falls into the river. When Bingo rescues him, his bike is in a different place in the river.

Continuity mistake: Chuckie falls into the river and lies there unconscious. Then Bingo rescues him, but he's in a completely different position in the water.

Continuity mistake: Chuckie rides home on his bike and leans it against the house. In the next shot, the bike is in a different position.

Continuity mistake: Chuckie follows four kids on his bike to the river jump. He stops and they go on without him. When he goes back and finally jumps, the tracks left by the other boys in the mud are different.

Continuity mistake: When Duke, the dog-butcher, comes to get one of the dogs out of the cage he leans his giant meat cleaver against Bingo's cage. When he hears the waitress screaming he puts the dog back in the cage and the cleaver has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: In the first scene where Chickie (not Chuckie) Devlin is biking, his hair is a very light blonde. Later on in a dinner scene, his hair color has changed to a bright orange. The next day in the same setting, his hair is blonde again, and for the rest of the movie.

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