Red Eye

Red Eye (2005)

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Lisa stabs Jackson in the throat with a pen as the plane is landing and makes her escape. She steals his phone and an SUV and calls Cynthia to tell her to pull the fire alarm and get Charles Keefe and his family out of the room before something happens to them. Cynthia does what she said and they all make it. Then Lisa races home to see if her dad is okay. The killer isn't in his car and she looks up and sees him in front of her house. She runs him over with her car. Her dad comes out and they hug and talk and he said he called 911, then Jackson shows up and knocks her dad out and a chase through the house ensures with her throwing things at him and out smarting him several times. While he's chasing her 911 calls back and she tells them he's in the house. He jumps out from behind the door with a knife and they fight and he pushes her down the stairs. She sees the dead killers gun and gets it and fires at Jackson, which makes him drop his knife but then she losses the gun and he's after her again. Then her dad comes in and shoots him and kills him. The police are on their way and they're all okay. Everyone lives. The film ends on a light note with Lisa at the hotel telling off a rude couple and laughing with Cynthia.

Katie Wood

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Jackson Ripner: Do your dad a favor and stop gambling with his life!



The plane they are on changes several times throughout the movie. When it is sitting at the gate in Dallas, and while being pushed back from the gate, it is a Boeing 737. When it is shown taxiing out, it is an Airbus A320. Air to air shots are of a Boeing 767, which is also the same as the interior shots all throughout the movie. The 737 and A320 are narrowbodies, while the 767 is a widebody, commonly configured 2-4-2 like the interior in the movie.



When in the plane's bathroom, in an early take Cillian Murphy threw Rachel McAdams so hard against the bathroom wall that he knocked her unconscious. If you look at the shot used in the movie where he throws her against the wall, you can see his hand in her hair protecting her head so he didn't hurt her again. Not a mistake, as he's not trying to knock her out in the film, just rough her up, but worth looking for.