Red Eye

Red Eye (2005)

Plot summary

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Lisa (Rachael McAdams) is a trusted employee at a big hotel in Miami where a politician, Keefe, and his family are coming to stay. Jackson Ripner (Cillian Murphy) is hired to assassinate the whole Keefe family (because of a recent controversal comment Keefe made). For their plan to work, they need to switch the Keefe family from their usual room to a room that faces the sea. Then assassins will fire a missile from a boat at the room and kill the Keefe family.
They plan on threatening Lisa into pulling some strings and switching the rooms, but she had to fly to Houston to attend her grandmother's funeral.
On the return trip, Lisa is trapped on the plane next to Jackson, who tells her that she must call the hotel and convince them to switch the rooms or he will tell a hitman to kill her father.


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