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The Skeleton Key (2005)

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Caroline (Kate Hudson) puts a liquid in Mrs. Devereaux's drink, which makes her temporarly unconcious. Caroline then gets Ben Devereaux and they try to leave the house. But Mrs. Devereaux woke up and does a spell to keep them from leaving. Caroline then hides Ben in the garden shed and escapes the house on a row boat. She goes to the lawyer Luke for help, but he turns out to be a bad guy and he makes Caroline unconcious and brings her back to the house. Caroline ends up escaping from them after telling Mrs. Devereaux where Ben is and she runs up to the attic. There, she does the spell which she believes is the spell of protections but it turns out its the spell Mrs. Devereaux uses to take peoples remaining years for herself. Because Caroline believes in Hoodoo now, Mrs. Devereaux takes over Caroline's body and Caroline is then trapped in Mrs. Devereaux's Body. It turns out that Luke and Caroline are Papa Justify and Mama Cecile.

Laura Gnavaa

Continuity mistake: When Luke brings Caroline back to the house after knocking her out, Violet demands to know where Ben is. In this shot her tears are black because of the mascara, but in the next shot all her blackened tears have disappeared.

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Caroline Ellis: Luke, she tried to kill me. She had a gun, I got away just in time but I had to leave Ben in the shed. We have to go back.
Luke: The hell we do.
Caroline Ellis: I left him there.
Luke: Slow down... You didn't leave anybody.

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Question: If the children's souls were transferred into the servants and saw they were about to be hanged, why didn't one of them simply say something like "Mom, Dad it's me. Please don't do this!"


Answer: In that particular scene with the servants and the kids, you'll notice that the servants' eyes are rolled back into their heads and they're shaking uncontrollably. I think this is because they were drugged. You'll also notice they never try to fight being hung, never cry out or anything. They just keep shaking with their eyes rolled upward.

They weren't drugged, they were in a possessed state.

Answer: Actually it's the opposite The servants (in the kids bodies) are watching the kids getting burned (in the servants bodies) they already switched bodies.

Chosen answer: They most assuredly did, but the adults were in a drunken frenzy and not inclined to take the time to listen to the unbelievable tale these two objects of extreme racism were trying to tell.


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