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The Skeleton Key (2005)

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Corrected entry: When Caroline is lining all the thresholds of the house with brick dust, she has two full jars of it. However, the amount she sprinkles on each of the thresholds is much too thick, she should have run out of the dust much earlier than what was shown in the scene.


Correction: The jars may not of looked like they could of held that much but it is very possible they could of. I've used jars similar to what she was carrying and they can hold a lot more that they look. Those kind of jars are very deep and wide and dust can be somewhat compacted giving the illusion of less than there really is.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Caroline tries to escape from the houdoo house via tiny rowboat, she finds the boat right-side-up on the grass (like a bowl). Throughout the movie it rained constantly but there wasn't any water at the bottom of the boat. Also, the heavy rainstorms would have caused the water level in the lake to rise and possibly carry the rowboat off, since it was not tied up and inches from the shore.

Correction: This film takes place in an area that is very marshy. The ground soaks up water like a sponge. This would have prevented the lake from rising significantly. Also, most small boats have a hole in the bottom that allows water to drain out. The plug must not have been in place during the rainstorm.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Caroline is washing Ben in the bath, she drops the soap and gets water in her eye; when she puts the sponge down it falls into the water, yet she retrieves it from the soap tray. (00:48:00 - 00:48:30)

Correction: Previously submitted and corrected.


Corrected entry: On the bus Caroline circles an ad for hospice caretaker. When she goes to the night club with her friend Jill, the circle that encircles the ad is different from the one she made on the bus. The one on the bus was very rough and almost an oval. The one at the night club was perfectly round.

Correction: The circle looks exactly the same in the club, as it did on the bus.

Corrected entry: The very first time Caroline sees the blocked off door in the attic, the door that is shaking and making noise, the doorknob appears to have some kind of very obvious design on it. In every other scene with that door when the same doorknob is shown, the design on the doorknob isn't there at all.

Correction: The doorknob has no design on it, it is just a worn spot on the doorknob. It looks different from different angles due to lighting.

Corrected entry: On the way to the interview, Caroline stops for gas. In the gas station, the man who tells her the price speaks French at first. Although they do speak a dialect of French in the Louisiana, he spoke with a dialect usually found in France.

Correction: The man could have easily been a recent immigrant from France, now working in the US.

Corrected entry: When Caroline is bathing Ben, she drops the bar of soap into the tub and it splashes water into her eye. When she comes back from rinsing her eye, the bar of soap is in the metal basket resting on top of the tub.

Correction: That is totally incorrect, when she gets water in her eye, the bar of soap never ends up on the metal basket again, you can see it floating in the water.

Corrected entry: Caroline attempts to leave the plantation with Ben by ramming the locked gate with her VW bug, which is wrecked in the process. The heavy iron gate is really twisted too. When she is kidnapped by Luke and he drives her back to the property they sail through the undamaged open gate.

Correction: The gate is now open because Luke spoke to the old lady on the phone. She opened the gate as she was awaiting the return of Luke and the bound/gagged Caroline.

Corrected entry: When Caroline runs to help Ben when he falls off the roof, she is only wearing underwear/shorts, but when she runs back from getting the wheelchair she is wearing black trousers.

Correction: She put the trousers on when she was inside.


Corrected entry: When Violet is chasing Caroline, she uses the elevator even though the storm has knocked out the power. The power doesn't come back on until later.

Correction: It could be that the elevator is battery operated. I am assuming that they do that, just in case of emergencies like the power-out in the movie. Anyhow, every time the lift is not in use, it would automatically charge. So, in case of the elevator, it would have had enough reserved energy to still be in use.


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