Factual error: There would not be so many people standing around on the flight deck without some type of ear and eye protection and a float coat.

Factual error: At the end during Henry's funeral, the color guard is only holding the American flag and a Marine flag. They would absolutely have a Navy flag in the color guard. (01:50:00)

Factual error: Captain Cummings is shown smoking a cigar inside of his office onboard the ship. This would never happen.

Factual error: During the scene in which the plane flies directly toward the ground at a speed of 2070 knots to deliver the bomb, after dropping the bomb and pulling up to fly horizontally through the city streets, there is no damage or anything created from a sonic boom. At that level and speed, the sonic boom would have been tremendous on the ground, even if the plane was designed to minimize the shock wave.

Factual error: The Talons and EDI take off on their first mission from the Philippine Sea, which means they have to fly west to reach Myanmar. They're travelling at Mach 4, and it's still daytime when they set off. If you travel west at supersonic speeds, you're actually outpacing the sun, effectively turning back the clock. But when they get to their target, it's dark.

Factual error: On their flight suits the American flag patch on their right shoulder is facing the wrong way.

Factual error: The Fuel/Air explosive fired on the fort is shown incorrectly, FAE (shown as a large green missile) do not impact the ground, but rather explode in the air to give maximum coverage and devestation.

James King III

Factual error: There would not be so many people standing around on the flight deck without some type of ear and eye protection and a float coat.

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Kara Wade: Just tell me you love me, you pussy.

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Trivia: After the credits roll out, there's an extra scene about E.D.I.

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Question: What is the deal with a apples in this movie, is it a subtle reference to something? Aside from the main bad guy chomping on one while tailing with someone (rude), there are several scenes with large bowls of apples. In one scene, there are two tables with bowls of apples on them.

Answer: Its a Navy thing. Centuries ago, to ward off the threat of Scurvy when sailing long distances, eating apples would prevent it, and the tradition carries over into modern times.

After 21 years of Naval service (10 years destine and four ships) I have never heard of apples warding off scurvy. It was discovered that lemons were very effective. Later in time the British started using limes to avoid scurvy. While limes were cheaper than lemons, they were not as effective. This is also where we get the phrase "Limey Brits" from.

Yep you're right. It's the Vitamin C in limes and oranges that prevents scurvy. Not much of that in an apple.


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