Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
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Visible crew/equipment: In the finale, Jessica runs over to Jason from behind and she stabs him in the heart with the dagger. Then, Jason lashes back and hits Jessica, and she goes flying backwards. Absolutely anyone can see the large blue crash mat that she lands on (cropped/edited out in some versions). (01:20:25)


Visible crew/equipment: When Steven carries Jessica to the car, they climb in. Then, as the shot is being filmed very close to the car, a crewmember wearing a white tee-shirt is perfectly reflected in the car window. (01:00:40)


Visible crew/equipment: When Pookie shoots at Robert, who is possessed as Jason, in one side shot you can see Pookie is wearing safety goggles. In all the other shots he has nothing around his eyes. (01:09:00)


Visible crew/equipment: When Jason runs onto the large shooting field, swat members start shooting him. In one shot behind Jason, you can see a black hose running across the grass, and going up into the trouser of his right leg. (00:06:25)


Visible crew/equipment: When Jessica enters the living room, and Vicki is cleaning the bloodstain, you can see a boom mike pole in the top right corner by the ceiling fan. (00:41:35)


Other mistake: In the scene at the beginning where Phil eats Jason's Heart, you'll notice that he screams like a monster for a bit. Don't you think that the two security guards would easily hear the screaming and intervene, being that they're in the very next room? (00:13:40)

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Trivia: This is the only Friday The 13th Film, First (1980) to X, or the 10th (2001), that Jason's face isn't seen.

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Suggested correction: This is not the only movie where Jason's face is never shown. In Friday The 13th: A New Beginning Jason's face is never shown either.

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Question: How do the hockey mask, clothes and machete appear when Jason is reborn through Diana's body, not to mention how was he was reborn to the exact decomposed state he died in?

Dan Moat

Answer: Of course he would be reborn exactly like he was before he was blown apart. Which is why he needed a blood relative to do so.

Chosen answer: Evil magic.

Grumpy Scot

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