Friday (1995)

29 mistakes

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Directed by: F. Gary Gray

Starring: Chris Tucker, Ice Cube, Nia Long

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Revealing mistake: During the ice cream truck scene where Smokey counts his money to Big Worm, a girl in a pink shirt can be seen looking at Smokey and into the camera.


Continuity mistake: In the radio that Craig and Smokey have outside is a tape in there but it is gray at first, after Felisha leaves it's white.

Continuity mistake: When Red leaves Craig's house after Deebo takes his chain, you see him running to the car and then you hear his car alarm being de-activated but he doesn't have his keys in his hands, only sunglasses. (01:00:52)


Audio problem: When Smokey goes back to his house the 2nd time to get to the bathroom, he grabs the doorknob to check if it's locked and you hear the sound of a doorknob turning, but it doesn't match his hand movement. (00:52:04)


Continuity mistake: When Craig's father calls Craig into his room, he asks Craig to hand him the TV Guide, which happens to be very close to his dad before Craig enters the room. After he enters, the TV Guide is at a different spot, further away from his dad.

Continuity mistake: When Craig's dad is telling him that he has a choice between using a gun or his hands for protection, Craig raises his hands to just below his chin. The camera angle changes twice and you see his hands raised above his chin and then back below his chin. (00:57:58)


Continuity mistake: During the scene where Craig and Smokey are enjoying a joint, one shot shows the joint almost entirely smoked, then the next shot shows it barely lit.

Continuity mistake: When Smokey calls Big Worm after getting paged, he uses Craig's phone and dials 9 numbers to make the call - too many digits. (01:15:02)


Other mistake: When Craig is in the bathroom with his dad at the end of the movie. You see a close up of Craig's hand and you can see the tan lines from a wedding band.

Smokey: You got knocked the fuck out.

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Trivia: In the flashback scene where Red is about to get knocked out by Deebo, you can see Michael Clarke Duncan, better known as John Coffey in Green Mile, kneeling next to Deebo rolling dice.

T Poston

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Question: What is the name of the song on the TV in Craig's house?

Answer: "Today was a good day", or possibly "Hittin' Corners".

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