The Sandlot 2

As David is going to get the hook on the shuttle he reveals his secret about him being the little kid in the story who got bitten in the leg. David gets the hook on the rocket and the monster dog chases him around town. When David gets back, he jumps over the junk wall and falls into the spot where the dog always digs, breaking his fall. However, he is trapped in the dirt and the junk wall falls. The dog rescues David, revealing his dog tag saying "Goliath." They bring Goliath back to Mr. Mertle. Mr. Mertle is mad about the junk wall being wrecked so the David and Johnny make it up to him by walking Goliath every other day. When they are walking one day, we find out that Goliath wanted to get out of the fence so bad because he was in love with another female dog. The narrator tells what happens to each of the kids when they grow up. (The person that was watching the kids was another kid called "The retriever" who tries to help them get the rocket).


Revealing mistake: When the wall is falling you can see the wires pulling it over.

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Mac McKing: If they were boys, we could beat 'em up.
David Durango: Well they ain't and we can't.

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