The Sandlot 2

A kid named Johnny Smalls is a kid who has has a hobby of rockets. He goes to the sandlot to launch it but other kids who always play there arrive. They think he's going to blow up the field so they try to stop him. The rocket tips over and destroyes the dugout. They try to beat Smalls up but they found out that he made the field better, so the kids spare him. They do stuff almost exactly like the other kids did in the first one. The girl who lived near the sandlot was Haley. Her dad told Johnny that he could launch the model of NASA rocket. Johnny got the rocket ready but Haley's dad had to leave for his business trip early. Johnny fell asleep because he was waiting too long and he dropped the launcher. The rocket launched and fell into the junk wall later. A man named Mr. Mertle had a monster dog back there. They will need to get it before Haley's dad gets back!


Factual error: One of the male character is shown wearing a BDU, or Battle Dress Uniform, which wouldn't be developed until the late 70s and wouldn't be released until around 1982, 10 years after the storyline.

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Singleton: Yeah, well, you play like a girl.
Hayley Goodfairer: Excuse me?

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